All businesses must adapt and evolve

If your digital marketing hasn't changed in the last few years - and your results reflect that - you may have experienced one of the pitfalls that plague small businesses online.

The following will help you identify the problem. We can help you craft the solution.

Pitfall #1: The good athlete trap

Business owners, especially in that early growth phase, must be good athletes. In a single day you’re the CEO, CFO, VP of Development, Customer Service Specialist, and Digital Marketing Ninja.

Like a good athlete you have the ability to play each position but can you deliver exceptional results in each position day after day? It may be time to outsource.

Pitfall #2: The loyalty conundrum

We commend you for your loyalty and compassion. We’d love to call you a friend.

But hiring the nephew of your old college roommate to build your website because he’s “artistic” or giving him control over your digital strategy because he’s a “millennial” and he “gets social media and blogging” is just bad business.

How do you think this story ends? Consider the value that a professional designer or digital strategist can deliver for less than a full-time salary.

Pitfall #3: An employee and a half

Maybe you avoided the loyalty conundrum - lucky you - but perhaps you’ve been on the quest to find that “employee and a half”. You know, that rockstar in your organization that kicks ass in their primary position.

You wonder “Could Sarah do her regular job AND write a weekly blog post that will attract new customers?”

What are the odds that this “more work for the same money” strategy works out for you and for Sarah? It takes the professional marketers years to hone their craft.

Pitfall #4: It’s all Greek to me

The web designer that built your current website set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, but you haven’t logged in to those accounts for months. None of it makes sense but it appears to be working, right?. Of course, it’s also possible that it’s not.

How would you know? A constant feedback loop - whether in your social engagement funnel or reflecting the activity on your website - provides the beta that is needed to make informed adjustments to your active campaigns. That saves time and money.

Pitfall #5: Right ladder, wrong wall

There are businesses that spend time and money climbing the digital ladder only to discover that it’s leaning against the wrong wall. Web traffic and social reach are only valuable to your business if they convert eyeballs into customers.

Is it possible that you’re doing the right things online but targeting the wrong audience? The right partner can help you make sense of it all and help to maximize the impact of each dollar you invest online.

Ready to evolve? Let’s get started.

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