Social Media Monitoring and Analysis: 2 Great Tools

Through social media, people are connecting, sharing opinions with others at all times of the day. The party, so to speak, is never-ending. In a perfect world this works to your brand’s advantage.  When someone has a positive experience with your brand they can go public immediately and share not only that experience but their […]

Social Media and REAL Crisis Management

Last week there was a massive, multi-day fire that began in Four Mile Canyon just to the west of downtown Boulder, CO. It started around 10:30 am on Labor Day and due to high, erratic winds that day it grew quickly. I live about an hour southeast of Boulder and could see the gigantic, fast-moving […]

Backpacker Magazine gets even more social

Anyone close to me knows how much I love to hike, camp, and go fly fishing. One of my favorite sources of information and inspiration is Backpacker Magazine. I recently renewed my subscription and received the current issue packed full of maps on the National Parks, local hikes, and life list trips. I’ve never really […]

Social 60 – Promoted Tweets on Twitter

So Twitter has finally launched their bid for revenue in the form of Promoted Tweets. For now, these ads will be seen in the search results, but by year end Twitter promises to roll them out in more areas based on the feedback from this initial roll-out. Of course, we all know that Twitter has […]

How We Use Social Media

At Vestor Logic, we use social media apps and platforms in a number of different ways.  Some create efficiencies for us in the daily work flow.  Many help us accelerate our learning curve about new technologies and tactics.  Others give us insights into trends and breaking news that we would be hard pressed to discover […]

NNADV Leadership Series: Social Media and Non-profits

The following is a presentation for the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence.  This organization works with more than a dozen outreach programs in Nevada that provide services to individuals impacted by domestic violence.  As a progressive organization, they have created a Leadership Series, featuring presentations and training for their future leaders to ensure that the […]

Managing your social media expectations

I speak to our clients hundreds of times throughout our relationship together.  The conversations range from minutia to broad strokes on strategy and without fail the dialogue takes on a life of its own as we delve deeper into the specifics of the client’s strategy. Often, my generalized ideas about how to help my clients […]

Social Media – Where do I start?

This social media guide is designed to provide you with a focused list of personal initiatives that you can attempt to tackle in 45 minutes each day to promote the social media strategy for your organization. The key to success with social media is to create and maintain active relationships with others. It’s about conversations […]

The Social Media Dialogue: It's Not About You!

We have been working on a new presentation to address some of the basic questions that we get from nearly every consulting client we work with. Questions like: * Is social media a fad? * How big is the movement into social media? * Why should we care? So we started to create this presentation […]