WordPress – The Ultimate Web Development Tool

There was a time when developing your web presence meant finding that socially sequestered brainiac hiding in his basement who could actually write executable code to create your website. The irony of finding a geek to help you become popular!  Today it is much easier to maintain control over the look and content of your […]

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis: 2 Great Tools

Through social media, people are connecting, sharing opinions with others at all times of the day. The party, so to speak, is never-ending. In a perfect world this works to your brand’s advantage.  When someone has a positive experience with your brand they can go public immediately and share not only that experience but their […]

Case Study: 2010 World Series of Barbecue

Synopsis The organizers of the World Series of Barbecue wanted to increase awareness for their charity poker event and shine light on the role that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas plays in the lives of the kids that participate in their programs throughout the year.  Every year, the WSOB organizes its annual […]

Facebook and Bing: It's just the beginning of social search

It’s been a long time coming, a truly social search experience.  The announcement today of the partnership between Facebook and Bing is just the beginning.  This version of social search is a good start but the promise for something greater is still out there. My team has been speculating, like many other social media practitioners, […]

Interview: The folks at Downtown Boulder know social media

I actually heard about the #BoulderFire from Jessica, our Director of Social Media Design.  She lives in Denver and has been on the listening end of my long rants about how great it will be when I am able to move my family to Boulder, CO.  It’s been a favorite city of mine for a […]

What do businesses want from social media?

Are you going to answer me or just read on in hopes of uncovering the big secret? I searched Google for answers to the question “What do businesses want from social media?” and got “about 229,000,000 results”. What was noticeably absent from the results (at least the first few pages I reviewed before I reached […]

20 Ways for Cities to use Twitter

The #BoulderFire tore through the canyons just west of downtown Boulder, CO a few weeks ago.  We have been considering a move to Boulder for a few years so the need to get real-time news on the fire was strong for me.  What I found was surprising.  Organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, were leveraging Twitter […]

The Day I Knew Marketing Was For Me

Years ago, I worked at an internet company as the Creative Manager. Initially this company was pretty content focused, (hey it was 2000!) but eventually we hired a CEO who was a marketing genius, had years of proven experience and knew what he was doing. Many of us transitioned from content producers into the newly […]